Inception Date: January 1976
Parent ministry: Ministry of Agriculture
Address: Route Djorf Km 22.5
Phone: + 216 75 633 005
Fax: + 216 75 633 006


Created under Law No. 76/6 of 7 January 1976, the Institute of Arid Regions (IRA) in Medenine (Ministry of Agriculture) main tasks:
1- Implementation of research needed to develop the agricultural sector, natural resource protection and conservation and the fight against desertification in arid and desert regions.
2. Training and refresher training of technicians and researchers in dryland agriculture and the fight against desertification.
3- Participation in outreach and technical leadership in the agricultural sector for the conservation of natural resources and protection against the risk of desertification.
4 integrated development of project studies realization in southern Tunisia.


– The control of management and operation of the Institute is provided by a board composed of representatives of organizations concerned with the development of southern Tunisia: training organizations and / or research, offices, CRDA and various national and regional specialized services .
– The work programs are approved by a scientific committee composed of members as, elected members and appointed members in accordance with the Decree 97-938 of 19 May 1997 on the scientific, administrative and financial public institutions and scientific research methods operation.
The realization of the Institute’s programs is done in the framework of local cooperation, national, regional and international.
– The administrative organization chart of the Institute of Arid Regions established pursuant to Decree No 2010-300 of 15 February 2010.